As our logo depicts, objects are accelerating over Clay Time range airspace and ground. The owners and management of Clay Time invite you or your group to enjoy the possibilities and accommodations of Clay Time.

The field can be transformed to be appropriate for the first time shooter or world champion seeking new challenges. Clay Time has started phase one with 10 Mattarelli traps operated by Longrange T4300 wireless fire control system. This synchrony of technology puts on an aerial display for spectators and on stage shooters alike.

Any trap or combination of traps can be released at any time. Most stations can throw true or report doubles. There is the ability for flurry, skeet targets, trap targets, 3 stand targets, sporting clay targets or country doubles.

Over 180 targets can be released per minute. This is usually counter productive to developing good shooting technique but can be done safely with multiple shooters in our Dare Devil Orange shooting stands.

Wind direction, velocity and variability can constantly be accessed by observing the matching pair of windsocks. Direct TV, DVD, CD, and Blue Ray are standard at the Clay Time Pavilion to listen to music or stay in touch with current events if desired.

You will probably not want to stop shooting or spectating but the option to take refuge in Barndo Clubhouse is available. Barndo Clubhouse has 8 TV screens, multiple surround sound entertainment areas, all utilities, kitchen, bathrooms and extensive IT capabilities. Barndo has hard surface all weather parking and can accommodate large groups.

Time is a frequently discussed topic. There is now a better understanding for the question of what time is it? The clear answer is, it’s Clay Time.